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Dino Commando

Series Status: ONGOING
Genre: Dinosaur sci-fi
Number of Episodes: 12
Publication Dates: May 2021 - Present

01. Thunder Jungle: Stranded on dinosaur island!
02. Exotic Evolution: Mad scientists & dinosaurs!
03. Prehistoric Doom: Escape from the past!
04. Beast Rage: Dinosaur gladiators!?
05. Warpath of Extinction: A new asteroid!
06. Burning Tundra: A dino-virus!?
07. NEW Total Carnage: Rescue your troops!
08. Jurassic Ambush: Dinos in a lost world!
09. Savage Lands: Stranded on dinosaur planet!
10. Arctic Evolution: A new dinosaur ice age!
11. Extinction Crisis: Aliens vs dinosaurs!
12. Final Strike: Destroy all the dinos!

Crypt Shyfter

Series Status: COMPLETE
Genre: See below
Number of Episodes: 40
Publication Dates: June 2017 - March 2021

Sword & Planet
01. Exile: Banished through space-time!?
02. Colossus: Fight the space vampires!
03. Rebellion: Defeat the alien gladiators!
04. Atomic Angel: Battle the Atomic Angel!
05. Dinosaur Wizard: Escape from Dinosaur Planet!
06. Warp Hounds: Forge an alliance with the Golgeks!
07. Angel's Pawn: The Atomic Angel returns!
08. Fortress of the Rook: The most powerful Shyfter?
09. Knights of Fuzonia: Rally the Knights of Fuzonia!
10. Bishop's Final Order: So many barbarians!!
11. Queen of the Universe: Worse than Shyfters?
12. Wrath of the Star King: Defeat the Star King!
13. Titanium Phantom: To Infinity & Beyond!

01. Frostfall: Stop the magic blizzard!
02. Moonbright: How do you kill a witch??
03. Mon Magma: Escape the volcano!!
04. Vortex: Explore Shipwreck Cove!
05. Howling Flame: Retrieve the stolen gem!
06. Crimson Wings: Red tattoos??
07. Pizza Quest: Get your pizza back!!
08. Fallen Empire: Post-apocalypse fantasy!
09. Blood Island: A mysterious island...
10. Chapel of Evil: Defeat Sir Rollo and his knights!
11. Cloud Mountain: Fulfill your destiny!
12. The Blazing Knight: A legend reborn!
13. Three Artifacts: Gather the artifacts!
14. Shattershard: A Shyfter-slaying sword!
15. Red Vengeance: Part 2 of Shattershard!

Kung Fu/Wuxia
01. Dreadnaughts: Join or defeat Lord Hawk!
02. Silver Wolf: A prequel to Dreadnaughts!
03. The Magic Sword: Lord Hawk returns!

Weird Western
01. Limerick: Protect the wild frontier!
02. Oathbreaker: Defeat the Oathbreaker!
03. Misery: Take a vacation in Misery!

01. Lords of Madness: Battle the Lords of Madness!
02. Storm Shadow: Conquer the city of Irongate!!

01. Legend of Azmar: A Crypt Shyfter JRPG!
02. Titan's Fist: A military sci-fi adventure!
03. Anthology #1: 4 mini adventures in 1!
04. Anthology #2: 3 short Crypt Shyfter tales!
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Dino Commando #7: Total Carnage - July 2021Dino Commando #6: Burning Tundra - July 2021Dino Commando #5: Warpath of Extinction - July 2021Dino Commando #4: Beast Rage - July 2021Dino Commando #3: Prehistoric Doom - June 2021Dino Commando #2: Exotic Evolution - June 2021Dino Commando #1: Thunder Jungle - May 2021Crypt Shyfter: Anthology #2 - March 2021Crypt Shyfter: Red Vengeance - March 2021Crypt Shyfter: Shattershard - March 2021Crypt Shyfter: The Magic Sword - March 2021Crypt Shyfter: Titanium Phantom - February 2021Crypt Shyfter: Anthology #1 - February 2021Crypt Shyfter: Wrath of the Star King - February 2021Crypt Shyfter: Queen of the Universe - February 2021Crypt Shyfter: Bishop's Final Order - January 2021Crypt Shyfter: Knights of Fuzonia - January 2021Crypt Shyfter: Fortress of the Rook - December 2020Crypt Shyfter: Angel's Pawn - July 2020Crypt Shyfter: Three Artifacts - September 2019Crypt Shyfter: The Blazing Knight - August 2019Crypt Shyfter: Cloud Mountain - July 2019Crypt Shyfter: Titan's Fist - July 2019Crypt Shyfter: Chapel of Evil - June 2019Crypt Shyfter: Blood Island - April 2019Crypt Shyfter: Fallen Empire - April 2019Crypt Shyfter: Legend of Azmar - January 2019Crypt Shyfter: Warp Hounds - November 2018Crypt Shyfter: Storm Shadow - October 2018Crypt Shyfter: Misery - October 2018Crypt Shyfter: Pizza Quest - October 2018Crypt Shyfter: Oathbreaker - October 2018Crypt Shyfter: Dinosaur Wizard - October 2018Crypt Shyfter: Crimson Wings - October 2018Crypt Shyfter: Howling Flame - September 2018Crypt Shyfter: Silver Wolf - September 2018Crypt Shyfter: Atomic Angel - September 2018Crypt Shyfter: Limerick - July 2018Crypt Shyfter: Rebellion - December 2017Crypt Shyfter: Colossus - December 2017Crypt Shyfter: Exile - November 2017Crypt Shyfter: Lords of Madness - October 2017Crypt Shyfter: Dreadnaughts - September 2017Crypt Shyfter: Vortex - August 2017Crypt Shyfter: Mon Magma - July 2017Crypt Shyfter: Moonbright - July 2017Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall - June 2017

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