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Welcome to VIDEOGAMEPIZZA, a website for text adventure games written by Kung Fu Space Barbarian. The adventures take place in an absurd fantasy universe filled with heroic barbarians, evil monsters, and pizza.

Mammoth Quest

Coming soon!

Crypt Shyfter

Thousands of years ago, the world of Azmar was protected by shapeshifting spirit warriors. Then, the monsters from the stars attacked. Led by the vicious Star King, the interstellar beasts absorbed the power of the shapeshifters and twisted it for themselves. The abominations they created came to be known as Shyfters.

Fearing that the mortal realm would be destroyed by Shyfters, the Infinite Goddess Shergblatt called upon one of her most loyal disciples to defend Azmar and destroy the Shyfters once and for all.

In Crypt Shyfter, you take on the role of Shergblatt's disciple. You are a totally rad barbarian warrior blessed with a variety of magic spells and ancient weapons. You are routinely called upon to rescue princesses, slay dragons, thwart the plans of evil wizards, and of course, fight evil Shyfters.

Each adventure offers a new quest to complete, dungeon to conquer, or villain to defeat. Step into the shoes of a mighty hero and defend Azmar from the Shyfters!


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Coming soon

Mammoth Quest is coming soon!